Mimo Hackathon

At Mimo, we are launching our first-ever hackathon, and we invite you to participate. During our hackathon, the Mimo community is creating something special for their loved ones: digital Valentine's day greeting cards.

Join us, surprise your loved ones, and submit your project to win a Mimo t-shirt and more!

  • Theme
    Valentine's Day Greeting Card
  • Prizes
    A Mimo t-shirt, a lifetime Mimo subscription, and three additional one year passes for your loved ones
  • Participation
    Submit your digital greeting card built with a Mimo Playground here by February 14
  • Competition
    The Mimo team will hand-pick the top three submissions; you, the Mimo community, will then select the winner

Where to start?

Joining the Mimo hackathon is simple: fire up the Mimo app on your phone or open Mimo on your computer, create a new Playground, and start coding.

Once you're happy with your result, make sure to submit your project by February 14 to win a Mimo t-shirt, a lifetime Mimo subscription for you, and three additional one year passes for your loved ones.

If you're not sure where to start, open Mimo on your phone and go to the Courses tab where you will find a new Valentine's Day project just for this hackathon that should give you a great starting point.